Access Controls



Single Button Entry Transmitter (RB741)

Dual Button Entry Transmitter (RB742)

Triple Button (RB743)

This GTO/ACCESS Systems, GTO/PRO entry transmitter is one of the many options available to operate your gate opener system. You can purchase an unlimited number of transmitters for your system.

Each transmitter includes a visor clip with adjustable code settings. The Dual Button transmitter has a keychain and is programmable to control multiple gate openers and/or garage door operators. (universal receiver required for garage door control RB709U-NB)

The triple button entry transmitter is used for controlling three operators/or garage door openers (universal receiver required for garage door control RB709U-NB).


Universal Receiver


The GTO Universal Receiver allows the GTO two and three button transmitters to control both gate and garage door openers. Compatible with most garage door opener systems.

This receiver is universally programmable for multiple gates and/or garage doors to enhance security and convenience. By installing a Universal Receiver on each garage door opener, and utilizing the optional Dual or Triple Button Transmitters you can operate your entire system using GTO/Access Systems, GTO/PRO transmitters.


Interior Intercom Base Station

Interior Intercom Base Station (F3101MBC)

This additional digital intercom can be added to the F3100MBC. Up to 4 (total) will work with each Exterior intercom/keypad unit. The wireless intercom system provides superior range with crystal clear two-way communication up to 500 feet. (F3101MBC)


Wireless Intercom/



Designed for added security to your automated gate with the ability to “speak to” and “screen” visitors safely from inside your home. Ideal for securing gate entrances while providing controlled access. You can add up to three additional base stations (one included) for four total interior base stations to allow access from multiple rooms. (F3101MBC)


Digital Keypad

Digital Keypad (F310)

The Digital Keypad is designed to allow access to your property for friends and family, and can be easily installed as a wireless system. The keypad is easy to program with up to twenty-five different personal identification number (PIN) codes, and with a re-programmable vacation code good for up to seven days.


Keypad/Intercom Pedestal

Gooseneck Pedestal for Keypad or Intercom

In Ground (F100)

Surface Mount (F110)

This black powder coated aluminum pedestal is designed to mount your keypad, wireless intercom, or other access control device, making the entry device easy to access from your vehicle.

With its modular design, it is easy to install and works well in all standard applications. Both In-ground and surface mount pedestals are available.

Pedestal extensions (F103) are available to add additional height to customize your application.

Pedestal surface mount plates (F102) are available to transform your in-ground pedestal into a surface mount pedestal, should your installation needs change.


Driveway Vehicle Sensor

Driveway Vehicle Sensor (FM139, FM140, FM141)

When installed along the driveway on the inside of your property, the Driveway Vehicle Sensor will detect an approaching vehicle within a 12 foot (3.7m) radius and signal the GTO/ACCESS SYSTEMS, GTO/PRO gate opener to open. This provides “hands free” exiting of your property when guests or family members are visiting, The wired sensors are available in 50 ft. (15.3m), 100 ft. (30.5m), and 150 ft. (45.8m) direct burial wire lengths.


Driveway Alarm

Wireless Driveway Alarm (FM131)

Keep track of vehicles entering or exiting your property with GTO's Wireless Driveway Alarm.

When a vehicle passes the sensor, the receiver emits an audible tone and lets you know someone is there.

  • Instantly be alerted when someone pulls into or out of your driveway
  • Functional range of up to 400 ft.
  • Indoor chime announces visitors or unwelcome guests
  • Electromagnetic sensor only senses large metal objects avoiding false signals due to animals or children.
  • Indoor receiver can be mounted on a table or wall.
  • Easy-to-install and stake is included in kit
  • Transmitter requires 2 "C" batteries (not included)
  • Low battery indicator on both the Indoor receiver and transmitter

New Advanced Detection Design...

  • features Sensitivity Adjustment (3´–12´radius) that reduces false signals caused by neighboring traffic.
  • eliminates false signals due to extreme changes in temperature.
  • includes adjustable dip switches for “cross talk” protection.
  • professional grade in-ground electromagnetic sensor detection technology.


Push Button Control

Push Button Control (RB101)

Unlit doorbell button for remote wired activation of your gate opener or Bulldog Pedestrian Gate Lock.


Photo Beams

Photo Beams (R4222)

The GTO/ACCESS SYSTEMS, GTO/PRO Photo Beams are used as a primary safety device in providing a “non-contact” means of entrapment protection. Consult your GTO/ACCESS SYSTEMS, GTO/PRO distributor and refer to the installation manual of your GTO/ACCESS SYSTEMS, GTO/PRO gate opener system for further information regarding placement and requirements of safety devices.


Automatic Gate Lock

Automatic Gate Lock (FM144)

A MUST for added security on all automated single and dual swing gates. This automatic gate locking system works in conjunction with the gate opener system to lock and unlock automatically.

Recommended for gates over 8 ft. (2.4m) long, all high wind areas, and ideal for animal enclosures. Comes with a keyed manual release.


Solar Panels

Solar Battery Charger - Solar Panels

5 Watt (FM122)

10 Watt (FM123)

For use with models PRO-SW4000XL/PRO-SW3000XL, PRO-SW2000XL & PROSL2000B

If your gate system is located far from an AC power outlet (or greater than 1,000 feet) you can choose to charge your GTO/ACCESS SYSTEMS, GTO/PRO gate opener system with these high output solar panels.

Consult your GTO/ACCESS SYSTEMS, GTO/PRO Dealer or Distributor to customize your system to meet your daily cycle needs.


Wireless Vehicle Sensor

Wireless Vehicle Sensor (R4500)

When installed along the driveway on the inside of your property, the Driveway Wand Sensor will detect an approaching vehicle within a 12 foot (3.7m) radius and signal the GTO/ACCESS SYSTEMS, GTO/PRO gate operator to open. This provides “hands free” exiting of your property when guests or family members are visiting

The wireless driveway sensor includes a wireless sensor wand with a plug-in electronic transmitter module. Transmitter has 15 ft. tether designed for mounting away from driveway edge. Mighty Mule's RB709U-NB two channel receiver and two AA batteries are also included. Internal potentiometer board adjusts sensitivity from 3 to 12 ft. radius to accommodate many applications and situations. Easy installation - two piece construction, sensing coil and electronics. Compatible with all automatic gate openers, or other systems requiring a dry contact input device.